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Parametric Patternmaking of Shoe Last Bottom Based on AutoCAD for Mass Customization

To solve the conflict between the low production efficiency of shoe patternmaking in the footwear industry and the increasing requirement for customization of shoe goods, this paper aims to explore a parametric patternmaking technology to promote the efficiency of patternmaking for customization of female leather shoe last. Through an experimental study, a parametric patternmaking model of the shoe last bottom has been established based on the parametric drawing function in AutoCAD. In this patternmaking model, the flat geometric shape of the shoe last bottom has been modelled through the tool of graphic constraint in AutoCAD, while the essential measures and their proportions have been parameterized by the tool of dimensional constraint. A series of tests to this parametric patternmaking model demonstrated that the original model can be modified in shape and dimensions automatically and quickly according to changes in parameters’ values controlled by foot sizes. Depending on the results of this study it can be concluded that parametric drawing technology can be employed to create various patterns of the shoe last bottom for customization of shoes’ patternmaking to meet various individual requirements with relatively high efficiency. The achievement of this study can also be employed in the patternmaking of the shoe upper and even other kinds of products for customization.

Mass Customisation, Shoe Last, Patternmaking, AutoCAD, Parametric Design

Gaopeng Zhang, Mingyuan Zhong, Yu Shi, Wei Wang, Yuping Wang, et al. (2022). Parametric Patternmaking of Shoe Last Bottom Based on AutoCAD for Mass Customization. American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 11(1), 12-21.

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